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Wee Red - R. I. P?

Wee Red has been with me for a few years, seeing me through many trials and tribulations of exercise. Wee Red is an iPod Nano, one of the 6th generation. This means that it is small and can be clipped onto clothing easily. I listen to podcasts, music, sometimes an interval session and very, very occasionally I ‘run to the beat’.

On Thursday I was preparing for an interval session at the athletics track in Inverness; it is a lovely surface to run on and ideal for an interval session. I placed Wee Red on the wall, totally ignoring the fact that the wall sloped; down she clattered, landing on concrete, screen side down. Result - one cracked screen. It still worked so I did my session.

Next was investigating a repair. YouTube shows how to replace the screen but from reading reports it was a bit hit and miss. There must be somewhere that would do it. I sent emails off to a couple of places. One phoned me back - yes, they could repair it (£55), it would take about 4 days but you live near Inverness so that could mean up to £20 more carriage as a courier collects and returns the item. The other company is at Bishopbriggs and I can take it in when I am in the Glasgow area this week and they will charge about £35. Guess where it is going?

I did not want to buy a new Nano - they are 2.5 times the size of Wee Red and have no clip to attach to clothing and cost over £120.

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The damage to Wee Red

The damage to Wee Red