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Last good day up the hill?

We are forecast-watchers; every day we check the forecast, look to see what the weather is doing and plan the outdoor activities around the advice, which is not always right though!

Temperatures were becoming milder and the hills were starting to look a bit bare of snow; where had it all gone? This past winter had seen the deepest snowfall for many years in the ski resorts with tows being buried under metres of white stuff. Skiing had not been as good as it could have been because of strong winds BUT we had a day of sunshine and light winds forecast.



After our experiences at CairnGorm we made a few decisions.



OK, this should have been written about three weeks ago but other things got in the way.


Holiday time!

When you are working, it seems as if you will have all the time in the world to do what you want to do when you stop working. Sorry to disillusion you all (or at least those of you who are still in full time employment) this is false. I think that when you are working, time becomes a well-stretched elastic band. When you stop working (or at least in the full-time employment way) the elastic contracts a little to start with and then it becomes stretched again.


Boat of Garten in December

At the start of December I was co-tutoring a UKCC L2 course for aspirant orienteering coaches. Paul signed up for a first aid course at the Slochd so we decided to take another break at The Old Stable near to Boat of Garten.