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Glasgow Urban Orienteering Race

Once a year I have to go to Birmingham for a British Orienteering coaching meeting. Getting there is no problem, fly from Inverness to Birmingham (flying being cheaper than the train) and a night in a Premier Inn or Travelodge. Coming home is more of a problem; I can get as far as Edinburgh or Glasgow then have to spend the night and continue on the Sunday. This year there was the opportunity to take in an urban orienteering race in Glasgow on the Sunday, providing Paul would come down and collect me from Edinburgh Airport.


Aberdeen, Thurso, Glasgow?

There has been a bit of travelling in the last couple of weeks; most of it has been related to work and has been very varied.


Festive season

Christmas 2013 to New Year 2014

So, what did you get up to over the festive season this year? Are you regretting the food consumed, drink taken and ‘recovery’ slumped in front of the TV? I think I could answer yes to all of that, even although we have not over-indulged (OK, well maybe the bottle of champagne between us on 1st January was overindulgence but I had won it, and flat champagne is  . . .).


EckO Coaching Weekend 2010

I really am not sure whose idea the weekend was, but I basically agreed to co-ordinate it. We advertised the weekend and then . . . the responses came flooding in. I began to panic; where were we all going to stay? Could we possibly coach all these people, all fifty to sixty of them?

Warning – this is a l_o_o_o_o_n_g post!


New Year Deflab Fun Run 2010

The second EckO New Year deflab fun run took place on Sunday 3rd January 2010. The format and location was meant to be the same as last year, but the icy weather put paid to part of that! John Anderson reported that the road up to the Nature Reserve at Taynish was impassible but he suggested an alternative.


Tay 2009: the inside view of the life of an official

The biennial 6 Day event is the largest event in Scotland. Over the years it has peaked at over 5000 competitors (in 1999 when it was held in conjunction with the World Championships) to about 2500 in 2001 when the event was cast into doubt by the occurrence of foot & mouth disease.


(One of) Ten Orienteering Things You Really Should Do

First of all, I must admit that I was not a fan of urban orienteering and did not bother to enter the races. So what has happened to change my mind? Quite a lot over the past couple of years is the answer.


Hungary July 2008

Why select Hungary? How did Paul feel about this – it could come under the category of ‘dodgy country’ (smelly drains, plenty chance to catch disease, things that bite, questionable water, etc.); with that classification almost everywhere is dodgy!




Orienteering is sometimes known as ‘The Thought Sport’ and it is quite easy to see why; navigating to each control requires the orienteer to constantly make decisions regarding the route they will take. They are basing these decisions on the information they receive from the map, information they receive from the ground, their personal navigational skills and the way they are able to move over the ground.