The ramblings of Lynne Walker

Mountain Biking

Stumpy’s first outing of 2008

We have had a dry spell of about 10 days so Paul reckoned that the trails would be OK for cycling. It has not always been dry & sunny – quite thick fog some days which has taken time to clear, overcast some other days, but NO RAIN! High pressure to the east often gives reasonable conditions in February, just a shame that there is little snow on the hills.



Bike talk

Conversation between a Stumpjumper (S) and a Specialised Epic (E), overheard in the garage.
E: What on earth are you doing, coming in to the garage in this state?
S: Speak for yourself, last time you were out you had to have a shower and then a dry off by the radiator.


Hi Epic

E-mail to a Specialized Epic from a Stumpjumper:
How are you? Bet it has been a better day in SS (soft south). If you were lucky you probably had a pleasant ride on dry chalk, but there again you probably are still in the van as all you do is travel around, bit like the Duke of Edinburgh really!
That brings me to my reason for contacting you. As my union rep, please read the following and see if I have a case for abuse.