The ramblings of Lynne Walker


Wee Red - R. I. P?

Wee Red has been with me for a few years, seeing me through many trials and tribulations of exercise. Wee Red is an iPod Nano, one of the 6th generation. This means that it is small and can be clipped onto clothing easily. I listen to podcasts, music, sometimes an interval session and very, very occasionally I ‘run to the beat’.



What a difference a day makes!

Scottish Orienteering Night Champs, Saturday 15th February at Kinnoull Hill, Perth. Role = controller = checking that all the stakes are correctly placed and the S.I. units work / match the number on the stake = distance covered in terrain.


Aberdeen, Thurso, Glasgow?

There has been a bit of travelling in the last couple of weeks; most of it has been related to work and has been very varied.


2014 - the start

A week since the last post and it now feels like the first ‘proper’ week of 2014. Other people have gone back to work, we have some routine in our time now. 


2014 - looking forward to it!

We are nearly at the end of 2013 and while reflecting on the year is worthwhile doing, I also enjoy the anticipation of a new year. Is this because the mistakes of 2013 have been learnt from and left behind? Is it because there are exciting things booked? Or is it because we can make arrangements, decide what to do and also know that unexpected opportunities can arise and we should be flexible enough to take advantage of these?


30 months and counting?

That is about the time since I last posted on Ocoach so I have probably lost any readers I did once have.

First of all, many thanks to Paul for re-doing Ocoach; now it is up to me to keep it up to date. If you want a short version of the last 30 months, keep reading; there is not a long version!


Boat of Garten in December

At the start of December I was co-tutoring a UKCC L2 course for aspirant orienteering coaches. Paul signed up for a first aid course at the Slochd so we decided to take another break at The Old Stable near to Boat of Garten.


Taking advantage . . . of the good weather!

It was announced today that this has been the coldest/snowiest winter in Scotland since 1962 to 1963. I remember that one as I didn’t get to school for three weeks; that was the time it took for us to dig ourselves out as we lived a mile off the ‘main road’. The family had recently bought a freezer but by the end of the three weeks the bread had run out and I recall living on tattie scones.