The ramblings of Lynne Walker


Bike talk

Conversation between a Stumpjumper (S) and a Specialised Epic (E), overheard in the garage.
E: What on earth are you doing, coming in to the garage in this state?
S: Speak for yourself, last time you were out you had to have a shower and then a dry off by the radiator.

E: Ah yes, but you didn’t even get out of the van that day!

S: But I wasn’t allowed out! Anyway, you haven’t exactly been doing much recently and at least I have been out on the tracks in this lovely weather. Lighter evenings with the clocks having sprung forward – with any luck she’ll want to take me out for several more rides. You’ll just sit in here, no doubt becoming grumpier and grumpier.

E: So, just what ‘exciting stuff’ have you been up to today?

S: Well, I’m really glad that she changed my shoes and that I just wore the old ones. After all, my new shoes would be in quite a state by now if I had worn them.

E: Ah yes, you had your city slickers on?

S: No, I had my semi-slicks on. Just because you only have the ruffty tuffty image shoes – you couldn’t be seen in semi-slicks could you?

E: Oh just get on with it and tell me where you went.

S: There seemed to be some indecision so I just had to take charge. We went to the head of the Holy Loch and then turned up Glen Kin east side.

E: So I suppose that you had your usual experience by the time you got to Glen Kin and started squeaking and wriggling?

S: At least I have some excitement in my life! Well, the track wasn’t too bad, but then she insisted on going through a puddle. Oh no, there was a mass of frog spawn in the puddle and some of it got on my shoes!!! It was horrible – and probably murder as well! Although, they’ll probably die in the cold nights.

E: So I now have to share a cell with a murderer. I must get the Union to do something about this.

S: Quit moaning and get a life! Well, the descent down the Heritage Trail was as bumpy as usual but a real change when we got to the gate at the bottom. I was expecting the usual degrading lift over the gate but they’ve changed it; there is a new gate in with a low bit in the middle so the horses can get over. I challenge you to try a bunny hop over it (I’ll stand by with the camera!). Then it was back via the Grammar School and Hunter Street.

E: So when are you going to get cleaned up?

S: What do you mean? I had a quick brush and then an oil on the chain. It’s clean mud anyway and does not stink at all. I need a rest now after all that exercise.