The ramblings of Lynne Walker

Tour de France in Yorkshire

Summer 2014, what will we do? Discussions way back in time and we formed a plan.


Cattle grids!

Cattle grids are great, especially when you are a motorist. You can stay in the comfort of the driving seat and clatter over the grid; you might complain a bit about the dip down on to the grid but that is all. You have not had to get out, open a gate, get back in, drive through, get out again and close the gate before proceeding on your merry way.


A long run . . .

May - a great month when the weather is dry and sunny. Time to get out and put in some good runs and cycles.

Paul was in ‘taper’ mode before his first ‘Olympic distance’ triathlon so had planned a pool swim (the local lochs are still a bit too cool for open water swimming) followed by a short cycle and a short run. He headed for Aviemore so I got him to drop me at the Slochd summit.


Wee Red - R. I. P?

Wee Red has been with me for a few years, seeing me through many trials and tribulations of exercise. Wee Red is an iPod Nano, one of the 6th generation. This means that it is small and can be clipped onto clothing easily. I listen to podcasts, music, sometimes an interval session and very, very occasionally I ‘run to the beat’.


Glasgow Urban Orienteering Race

Once a year I have to go to Birmingham for a British Orienteering coaching meeting. Getting there is no problem, fly from Inverness to Birmingham (flying being cheaper than the train) and a night in a Premier Inn or Travelodge. Coming home is more of a problem; I can get as far as Edinburgh or Glasgow then have to spend the night and continue on the Sunday. This year there was the opportunity to take in an urban orienteering race in Glasgow on the Sunday, providing Paul would come down and collect me from Edinburgh Airport.